Stories of Language Preservation

In the beginning there was a Coyote and an Eagle. The old coyote was a trickster who was native to the urban area, while the wise Eagle was from the rural reservation. Together they created this story-telling platform to learn, preserve, interact and share our diverse Native languages and cultures. The conversation started with a hello.

Everyone has their own language path.

Frank Andrews
Nez Perce/Navajo

They were taught in boarding schools to try and forget their language...

Stephen Wall
White Earth

I've never actually heard my language spoken more than a word or two...

Jeffrey Begay

There are times when I don't understand to where they have to explain in English...

Coyote begins his own path by looking for Eagle to learn more about his language and culture.

The language path is layered with your own experiences.

Christina Castro

The whole mission system and the enslavement of Natives.

James Chaffin

My mothers kind of a newer kind of family. They came over the Trail.

Jeffrey Begay

We grew up in a mobile home with no electricity and running water.

Friend, we have so much to learn from each others paths.

Learn. Speak. Preserve.

Abra Patkotak

Its a Native Alaskan culture that lives along the Arctic Ocean.

Tania Larsson

We are the Caribou people.

Tamara Colaque
Jemez Pueblo

All throughout my life they've always taught me my language.

Eagle continues his story-telling path by leaving this platform and returning the knowledge back to his people.



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Coyote and Eagle

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